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Open a casual restaurant with fresh, local food from local chefs and local craft beer, wine and spirits. The Iron Chef's passion for food and love of nature have led him to open a locally rooted, stylish restaurant.

Just minutes from New Hope, a visit to Buckingham Valley Vineyards is a great way to end the day. In all seasons, the outdoor dining room and the tent terrace provide a great place for people to watch and enjoy views of the river and mountains. We have an outdoor terrace overlooking the creek, as well as the nearby creek and waterfront and even a small creek in the background.

This walk-in Bucks County village has plenty of charm, and a visit to Buckingham Valley Vineyards, a winery in the heart of the city, rounds off your stay in New Hope. To learn more about the history, culture and food history of this small town on the Delaware River in Pennsylvania, visit

Add a few wines - and suddenly New Hope is worth a visit more than ever. With delicious flavors of food that escape from restaurants, music that roams the streets and surrounded by a picturesque town and a magnificent countryside, it is a pleasure to visit it. My favorite music in New Hope is the first Sunday afternoon of the month they play Havana, so check the schedule to be sure.

The musical is by Oscar Hammerstein, who lived in nearby Doylestown, Pa., and filmed "Oklahoma" in New Hope. Stars from the theatre, stage, opera and music come regularly to New York for a short break. The menu is also a major draw, and fans of chef Jose Garces are delighted that he has created the newest destination restaurant. Perhaps best known is Fred's singing dog - the first one to be called Fred - who shouts happy birthday songs to diners in the restaurant!

Here you will find the Philadelphia-based roaster, and other dining options include the local craft beer and wine list and a full bar. One of the charms is the possibility to book a good place for a wedding when you are in town or for your wedding.

Stella's restaurant is worth a visit if you are looking for a relaxed dining experience with well trained staff and good food. This is the first time Stella has opened at the renovated Ghost Light Inn, and while they work with the Playhouse, it is also a great place to shop in New Hope and neighboring Lambertville.

If saving dough is your top priority, they have matching pizza rates that help you bring more delicious food home for less. Domino's New Hope Pizza offers a lot on its pizza, which helps you save dough before you reach it. Dedicated delivery drivers will make sure your pizza or wing sandwich arrives at your door exactly as you ordered it, and if you forget more dough, you don't have to wait for the crew to bake your sandwich in the oven and stuff it with cheese bread.

Order food, pizza or take-out today and find your Domino's near you at 18938. Call your Domino's Pizza Shop at (189 38) or order online or call (717) 888-667-8500 to find out about a local Domino's near you.

In New Hope, PA, stroll the 4-5 blocks of Main Street, where there are many interesting shops, and there is a rustic winery in an 18th century barn with a Pour House restaurant and live music. Bell's Craft Market on the corner of Ostmainer and Mainstraße offers craft beer and wine vendors, craft food, crafts, clothing and more. With a wide selection of craft beers, artisanal cheeses, certified organic food, artisanal must and craft wines, the bells, they have something for everyone.

Enjoy the Dijon and rosemary-covered shelf or one of the many cheeses available at the New Hope Market, such as rancheria, pecorino, bolognese, cheddar, chardonnay and more.

Start ordering pizza by choosing one of the many pizza options at New Hope Market, such as Pacific Veggie Pizza. For example jam - packed with fresh vegetables, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, olives, peppers, mushrooms, onions, garlic and more. Enhance the whole flavour profile with a rich, creamy dip sauce or get a slice of pizza with an extra-spicy sauce of your choice. Next, choose from a variety of toppings for your pizza, from fresh basil and fresh tomato sauce to sweet and sour sauce. Throw in everything by hand with spicy garlic spices and prepare for a quick and easy meal with the next order.

Don't forget to factor in an even higher premium Philly steak, chicken wings or whatever your heart desires. Fill crispy breaded chicken with spicy buffalo sauce or have your fingers put in the way seasoned with dippy chicken wings.

More About New Hope

More About New Hope