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First, this Pennsylvania luxury hotel has plenty to enjoy, including a well-appointed piano lounge, a rooftop bar inspired by the 1970s, and Odette's dining room, serving delicious meals and cocktails. The luxurious lifestyle resort New Hope, which will open in spring 2020, will make you feel royal, if only for a weekend. First, it will help you choose your queen or king when you meet with a group of friends, family and friends from all over Pennsylvania and the United States. Second, the first of two new hotels at the resort, named after Pennsylvania's history and rich cultural heritage, will open in early 2020.

Guests and visitors can dine in the hotel's restaurant, aptly named Odette's Restaurant and Lounge, as well as in the rooftop bar and pool.

The Odette's elevated and accessible menu is available in the Odette's restaurant and lounge, which offer both indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor restaurant offers a wide selection of salads, sandwiches, pasta, salads and desserts. River House and Odettes will also have a 25-foot-high fireplace that can seat about 25 people. There are a total of 16 rooms, all furnished in a modern, contemporary style, complete with an open dining area and a large outdoor terrace overlooking the Allegheny River and Penn State University campus. The River House also features a 200-seat ballroom across the river, as well as a meeting room perfect for events, conferences and weddings.

The Deluxe Rooms are the largest rooms at Logan Inn and feature queen or king size beds. They are located in front of the hotel and offer views of the Allegheny River and Penn State University campus, as well as a large outdoor terrace. The standard rooms are equipped with queen or double bed, but they are small rooms that are certainly warm and comfortable. Suite Residences comprise a total of 16 rooms in a modern, contemporary style, with an open-plan dining area and an outdoor terrace. Premium rooms are equipped with double or queen beds and are located near the front of both guest houses with river views, Penn State campus and River House and Odette Restaurant.

The most spacious rooms offer great views of Main Street and Ferry Street, as well as a large outdoor terrace and seating area.

Second, it's a short walk or drive to the New Hope Hotel, a popular destination in the heart of Philadelphia.

If you're visiting New Hope, PA, make sure you book a room at the River House Odette Hotel, one of the most popular hotels in the city. For example, you'll miss out on some of New York's most famous restaurants, such as the French Quarter, and there are a number of affordable options. If you're planning a trip to New Hope next year, you might want to visit the River House or even the Hotel O'Odette. Although the hotel is located in the French Quarter, there are hotel rooms that would be significantly more expensive, but there is plenty of space for those in the price range and at affordable prices.

The Clio King room on the entrance level is the only room at the Hotel O'Odette with a balcony that gives you exceptional value. There are two more rooms for sale, as well as a private dining room and even an open-air bar and restaurant on the first floor of the hotel.

New Hope's Main Street is just a few minutes away and offers a variety of unique shops and boutiques that you won't find anywhere else. There's plenty to do and see in New Hope, highlighted by its wonderful main street, but exploring the city is phenomenally easy. A tram line runs through the trees that line St. Charles Avenue, and there are many restaurants, shops, bars and restaurants to see and do, as well as a number of shops.

Learn about the history of New Hope on a hike and take your children for a walk in the woods to find native wildflowers, meadows and streams. Welcome to George Washington Park, one of the oldest public parks in Pennsylvania, which has been operating as such for over 90 years. Take a stroll through the Bucks County Playhouse, built in the early 20th century and home to a variety of plays, concerts and other events for children and adults.

We believe in the comfort of your home, with the added luxury of modern amenities and amenities of New Hope. Whether you bring your work, travel or family, we invite you to spend an unforgettable stay. Staying at our hotel will cement your property as one of the best hotels in the state of Pennsylvania and perhaps even the nation.

Take a stroll along New Hope's Main Street and browse the city's unique collection of shops and boutiques, or follow in the footsteps of history on the New Hope Railroad. The canal, which stretches 60 miles from Easton in the north to Bristol in the south, runs through the heart of downtown New Hopes, with the restored Locktender's House in the borough. Follow the lantern - guided walk to the Old Town Inn, where you will learn about the history of this ghostly inn and its rich history.

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More About New Hope