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Since we opened our first store in a small house in Maryland in 1952, our mission has been to connect people of all interests, ages and backgrounds with what they need to succeed in music. We are dedicated to young students who are entering the world of music for the first time. There is no doubt that music can have a profound effect on the lives of every person.

We are dedicated to serving all areas, including children, adults, families, seniors, youth and people of all ages and backgrounds. We are able to serve the surrounding areas of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Allegheny County and the rest of Pennsylvania.

Lambertville, New Hope, Solebury and Stockton are river towns that make up the Delaware River. There are many loops and paths connecting the Pennsylvania side of the river (PA) and the New Jersey side (NJ), and there is an extensive network of trails and parks in the area, as well as a number of parks and recreational facilities.

Another interesting small town is New Hope - Lambertville Bridge, and this shopping village is very close to New Hope. It is a short drive from the Delaware River and a few miles south of the New Haven River Bridge.

With delicious flavors of food escaping from restaurants, music roaming the streets and a picturesque town surrounded by beautiful countryside, New Hope is a pleasure to visit. Leisure activities such as cycling, hiking, kayaking and antiques are available to visitors to New Hopes.

In New Hope, PA, stroll through the 4-5 blocks of Main Street, where there are many interesting shops. Take a walk through the historic downtown and learn more about the history of New Hopes on a walking tour. Follow a lantern - led to the old town hall, where you will learn about a ghost - a ghost inn, a ghost house and more.

New Hope and neighboring Lambertville are home to a variety of handmade items, including antique shops, art galleries and restaurants. The Carriage House of New Hope is full of modern amenities and idyllic views; the Pineapple Hill Inn is beautifully decorated with hand-picked antiques; and the verandas on the Towpath are a hidden, secluded retreat. Other dining options include the Olde Towne Inn, a quaint, rustic inn with an old, contemporary flair. Downtown New Hope has a number of restaurants and bars, as well as a diverse mix of craft beer and wine.

Just a few blocks from the Olde Towne Inn and Towpath, the Clarion Inn & Suites caters for all entertainment tastes. Located at the top of the tower, overlooking New Hope and Lambertville, and the river and stream that form picturesque mill ponds and waterfalls, the excursion to the top of these towers offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and a unique view of the city center. Enjoy and behave on an outdoor terrace overlooking the creek, river, creek bed and other scenic features of this beautiful city.

The Parry Estate was a community centre for public activities in New Hope and is one of the most open to the public. The canal, which stretches 60 miles from Easton in the north to Bristol in the south, runs through the heart of New Hope city centre, with the restored Locktender's House in the borough.

The Havana is located in downtown New Hope, so getting there should be easy from the New Hope Inn, but if you have a few drinks too much, you won't have a problem getting to the New Hope Bed and Breakfast. This nightclub is located on a well-known street in NewHope and it is a charm to book a good place for a wedding when you are in town.

The best way to reach New Hope is by car, although you may have to expect moderate to heavy traffic once you arrive. Those who do not want to drive easily forget the New Hope and get on board. Just look at the "New Hope" website, which lists hotels, restaurants, bars and even train stations, as well as a map of the city.

Bucks County Carriage offers 10 to 20 minute rides through the city of New Hope, and 8: 50 is all you need to enjoy a scenic steam train ride on the New Hope Ivyland Railroad. The Wedgwood Inn is located just blocks from the train station, as well as The New Hope Railway, which offers year-round themed excursions.

The Wedgwood Inn is very close to both theatres and there are a number of restaurants and bars in the area as well as a few bars and restaurants on the property.

If visual theatre and art are not your thing, you can check out the music scene in New Hope for some great performances. I will not forget to mention the light shows along the river, which make the entire area as well as some of the local restaurants and bars a delight.

More About New Hope

More About New Hope