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The recently opened Deck Restaurant & Bar offers stunning views and fine dining from the Bucks County Playhouse. This summer, the hotel will make its debut as a restored and renovated Ghost Light Inn, and the inn is, as it turns out, a dazzling addition to the city's gastronomic and entertainment scene. Known for its famous 1930s theatre, Jose Garces' restaurant has simply been part of the mix. The chef Stella's long-standing in-the-works has opened at the newly renovated Ghost Light Inn on the former site of the Olde Towne Theatre.

This is the same facility - like Stella's, which means that New Hope's restaurants were not involved in the bankruptcy.

Just minutes from New Hope, a visit to Buckingham Valley Vineyards is a great way to end the day. This airy brunch area is located directly across the Delaware River and offers a tranquil view while reminiscing about a weekend in the city. The historic building houses the recently renovated Logan Tavern and Dining Room, which are a great place for a quick lunch or dinner after a long day at the office.

Try the devilish eggs, bacon - wrapped dates, grilled artichokes and a variety of other delicious dishes from the menu, such as chicken and waffles with bacon and bacon cheese.

You can eat any breakfast you can imagine, but you can also eat a breakfast sandwich, breakfast burritos or even breakfast sandwiches. If you're staying for the weekend before you head out, consider Riverside Buffet's Brunch in Delaware. The rich lunches and dinners are dry - grated bayou steaks, chicken and waffles and a variety of other delicious dishes. You can also drop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner and eat everything in one place, such as the buffet or brunch.

Chef Michael O'Halloran, who has run the renowned Bistro 7 in Old Town for 14 years, focuses on the rich Bucks County landscape and uses ingredients from some of the region's best farmers and artisans. There are simply not many restaurants in Upper Bucks County that tap into the culinary talents of Lacroix aluminum artist Matt McPhelin, who also works at Savona and Slate Bleu. Dessert specialist who produces small quantities of homemade ice cream, best enjoyed with homemade Belgian waffles. The dessert specialist has created a seasonal Bucks COUNTY location that is expanding.

Nectar kicks it down a notch with an indoor - outdoor room overlooking a tree - shaded stream. Al Fresco Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Upper Bucks County, and this season the tent terrace offers people - in season - observation and outdoor seating for the summer months.

Ennophile wine tastings from nearby vineyards are available, and history buffs will be delighted to visit the 125 ft. Bowman Hill Tower, built to commemorate a site that may have been a lookout for George Washington's troops. Learn more about the history of the New Hope with a lantern - guided city tour through the historic city. Follow the lantern path to the Old Town Inn, where you will learn about its history as a ghostly inn.

Walk the blocks of Main Street to the bridge that connects New Hope to Lambertville, New Jersey. After walking through the city many times, you may never get the chance to eat there again. We parked and went to New Hope, which decided a few years ago that there would be free parking all over the city.

When we first reviewed Blue Sage's globe bouncing menu in 2001, it was the only restaurant in New Hope with a prix fixe menu. They serve many of the same dishes as before, but it doesn't matter because they're all fixes, which means a huge saving on regular prices.

Founded in 1727 as an inn, the Inn is one of the oldest continuously operating inns in New Hope, Pennsylvania. It is considered one of the most charming cities in America and now houses more than a dozen restaurants, bars and a number of hotels and restaurants.

The walkable village of Bucks County has plenty of charm, and downtown New Hope has a number of restaurants, bars and hotels, as well as a variety of shops and cafes. Speaking of Logan's Inn, although it's potentially haunted, it's one of the best restaurants in New York, with options that seem endless.

A world-class chef brings a world of flavor to New Hope, making it one of the state's best restaurants, and Martine's is the ideal place for an exceptional dining experience. The shiny brass of a restored 19th century railway station makes it the perfect place for a dinner party or special occasion.

The Hamilton Grill Room remains warm, soulful and refined, and the menu is laid out and even printed. In this cosy retreat, an authentic Italian dinner is prepared, one of the best in the state, and offers a menu full of authentic dishes.

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