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We have compiled a list of historic attractions in Bucks County, PA that you should not miss. Located north of Philadelphia and home to some of the most beautiful scenery in Pennsylvania, Bucks County is one of those pristine counties in Pennsylvania and has a history that can be seen on every corner.

Locals like to tell how George Washington spent the night in New Hope after crossing the Delaware River a few miles south of the city. At that time, it also happened to lead to an influx of cultured travelers who helped shape the city into the center it is today. So many artists worked in the city that the New Hope School of Pennsylvania Impressionists was born. New Hope is located north of the Pennsylvania State Capitol and a short drive from Philadelphia on a road once considered a now-forgotten highway.

Travelers stopped in New Hope, spent the night in local inns and took a ferry across the Delaware River the next day. SEPTA regional train will take you to Doylestown, where you can take a taxi 10 miles to New Hope. You can explore the city and then take a bus or taxi to or from New Hopes or take the SE PTA to Doyslestow from Jefferson Station in Philly.

When you finish your New Hope trip, you can go to Doylestown, drive or even walk to the Delaware River ferry terminal at the end of the day.

There is also the historic New Hope Ivyland Railroad, which takes you through the beautiful Buck County countryside and offers various excursions. If you fancy a leisurely afternoon adventure, take a ride on a 1925 steam train that takes you on a 1.5-mile ride through the forests of Buck County and the Delaware River.

New Hope also offers a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, camping and horseback riding. The New Hope Trail, a 1.5-kilometer hike through the forests of Buck County, is particularly scenic.

So take advantage of the scenic views, spend a lazy day by the water or spend your lazy days on the water. There is a running track in New Hope Riverfront Park, and you can also have a great view over the Delaware River from the Lambertville Bridge.

Just minutes from New Hope, a visit to Buckingham Valley Vineyards is a great way to end the day.

Visitors to Bucks County, Pennsylvania, will have many scenic adventures waiting for them, and you will want to book a night at the New Hope Bed and Breakfast. There are so many things to do in New Hope, but you can enjoy them all in one place, with a great view of the Delaware River and a few miles of scenic hiking trails. Visiting the New Hope Ivyland Railroad, which offers passenger rides, cross-country skiing, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and more, as well as the Pennsylvania Cross Country Skiing Trail, is one of those incredible things you haven't done in a long time.

Visit the historic Parry Mansion, one of the oldest mansions in New Hope, and walk through the grounds to see the first bridge built in 1784 to connect New Hope and Lambertville on the river. The Parries also have a museum of their history, with the history behind the building itself, as well as a replica of a house from the 1780s.

The Delaware Canal State Park runs parallel to the Delaware River for 60 miles from Easton to Bristol, Pennsylvania. There are many trails and trails connecting New Hope, PA on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River with Paxton, NJ, and there are also many trails in the national park, such as the Blue Ridge Trail, the only such trail system in the entire Delaware County.

All activities and activities in New Hope and Bucks County are easily accessible by car, and there are also many bike rentals. If you're comfortable on a road bike, you can cycle to Delaware Canal State Park and back. There is a bike rental center on Blue Ridge Trailhead in Paxton, NJ, and bicycles can be rented there. You can ride the trails from Delaware to New Hope or, if you feel comfortable on road bikes, take them back to your home in Easton, PA.

The James A. Michener Museum of Art is located in Doylestown nearby, and there is the Washington Crossing Historic Park, which celebrates the region's pivotal role in the Revolutionary War. Remember that New Hope has a lot to offer, so you should visit it during your stay there.

If you're visiting New Hope Pennsylvania with children, make sure you visit the Bucks County Children's Museum. Visit the Children's Museum, the Children's Museum of the United States of America and the Children's Museum in Doylestown. Visitors can also visit the New Hope Visitor Center, where they can learn about the museum and other attractions. If you are visiting New Hopes, be sure to visit the New Hope Visiting Visitors' Center.

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